Zombies (2018) Afterthoughts

What is the scene that I thought about the most?

This scene.

This scene is very important to me. First, because I grew up watching teledramas that whenever the main character has a deep secret, the antagonist puts the protagonist in a situation wherein he/she would embarrass the protagonist in front of so many people.

In Zombies, the ‘deep secret’ is Addison’s white ‘freakish’ hair that is different from the usual. In the beginning, her cousin, Buck, threatens her that if she continues to befriend with zombies, the Seabrook community would know about her secret.

In there, I kind of got a thought that maybe in the middle, there will be a scene wherein probably Buck would take her wig off or some accident will happen that will result in having her wig off and then ultimately, showing to the public what her secret is.


Near the end, Addison was the one who took her wig off. YEAH this girl is tired of being something she is not and she wants people to accept that there are people different from them in terms of appearance, etc (i.e the zombies and her) but that does not mean that they are any less human.

Honestly, that scene was so powerful because it was Addison who chose to show people who she really is and not like forced to do it (because her secret is revealed) and I would like to thank the script maker and the director for this- for letting Addison be humane. It sends a message to anyone, to not be afraid to be different, be proud of it, be proud that you are you. Also, I would like to say sorry for my unkind thoughts about Bucky. He’s egoistic and self-centered but that does not make him super bad enough to do the things I expected him to do at the beginning.

After that, the people started boo-ing her and I think that that is life. Some people do not accept you immediately ad some really do not but it’s okay. Most people will understand.

Also, this film also states the situation uring segregation wherein they are treated as a lesser human but the kaizen approach of Zed makes the film really great. Small steps lead to big leaps! And it all worked out.