Why journaling?

Here is what songwriter Nick Cave wrote about journaling:

“…you asked what you could do, how to behave. Please, take care of yourself. Seek out beautiful things, inspirations, connections and validating friends. Perhaps you could keep a journal and write stuff down. The written word can put to rest many imagined demons. Identify things that concern you in the world and make incremental efforts to remedy them. At all costs, try to cultivate a sense of humour. See things through that courageous heart of yours. Be merciful to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be kind.”

I will be writing an article as part of my internship and ever since I was given the task, I can feel myself panicking on the inside. Then, I decided to write bits of paragraphs that I wish to put on the article.

Then as if the Holy Spirit went through me- washing away all my anxiousness and fears, my mood significantly improved.

I think, the fact that,  I have made progress with my article and I let out the words that my brain is carrying made me feel better. I free up the things that are bugging my mind for days. Knowing that I have started on my article and when I get back to working on it again, a blank white page would not be anxious.

So.. I wrote why journalling is a great activity based on my experience, but every experience differ.

I practice journalling for over four years and I don’t know, it’s just this year that I started to feel the good things about doing journaling. I don’t know if it’s because I’m more self-aware or because I’m reaping the gains of repetitive journalling I’ve done for the past years. Either way, journaling is a wonderful activity.

Also, try looking up ‘art journal’ or just simply ‘journal’ on Tumblr and you’ll get to a world of human creations. It is amazing what humans could do with only a pen, notebook, and coloring materials.

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