“It is your Rose.” the fox says.

In the Little Prince, “But it is not any common rose,” the fox says. “It is your Rose.”

I love to think that the “rose” is a metaphor for the things we love and we create. To me, my journals are where I keep my history and the history of the environment around me. But to others, it may just be any notebook out there,

This just to show how each of us is vastly different from each other. We cannot shame people for liking something we do not like and vice versa. Let people enjoy things.

In the Little Prince, the Little Prince asked the fox if they can play but the fox replied that he is not tamed. Then, the Little Prince asked what is tamed. The fox answered that it means to build a relationship or to need each other.

To the Little Prince, the fox is just like the 100,000 other foxes out there. To the fox, the Little Prince is just like the 100,000 other boys out there. But if they choose to build a relationship or to “need” each other, they become unique in each other’s worlds. Both the Little Prince and the Fox became each other friends. And their journey would never be the same.

To you, I may just be like any other person out there. To me, you may just be like any other person out there too. But then, I decided to write this and you chose to read this. What I create is now on your mind and will become a part of your journey. Everything that will happen from now on is affected and influenced by our actions and nothing will ever be the same again.

Published by

Claire Hernandez

I'm Claire, a college student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I write about my journey, growth, and how design influences the behaviour of the users. Moreover, I am fascinated about the psychology of space, hence you can see me citing research studies in my posts. Email: hernandezanaclaire@gmail.com

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