Published My First Short Story!

I published a short story in Wattpad, an online platform where anyone can write and read stories. It is a short story about an inmate name Waldo who spent fifteen years in prison and decided to take his own life. My target audience for the story is Filipinos that’s why it is in Filipino-English language. You can access the story here for free (if you understand Filipino language).

Story behind:

Since a few weeks ago, I kept notes of ideas that flew over me. But this particular idea for this short story is the catalyst. It’s the one that made me do it. To just start writing a short story. Aside from my sole reason of just writing for the sake of creating, I also decided to write this because of a larger goal: making people aware of what PDLs (person deprived of liberty) are experiencing every day. They live in a hostile and inhumane environment. And I don’t understand why authorities, or even the greater population, are just okay with it. Also, we cannot just ignore this growing problem because what affect one directly affects one indirectly. You can’t blame PDLs to be angry or continue their misbehavior after spending prison time because how can they rehabilitate in an inhumane environment? Our prisons are breeding grounds for further disorder and misbehaviors.

I believe that if most of us speak up, they will notice the need and must to care for every single Filipino citizen there is.

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