Living Intentionally

On the last day of 2020, I told myself that I’m gonna live more intentionally in 2021. Intentional in a sense that if I miss my friends, I’m gonna call them. If I want to feel joyful at the moment, I’ll either read or listen to music. If I want to get better at creating art, I will practice frequently to suck less. In short, if I want to do something, I’ll do it.

What led me to this “living intentionally” anyway?

Because what I noticed a lot the past year was let’s say, I wanted to cook for my family, but I don’t even research recipes of what I may want to cook. I miss my friends a lot but I don’t even make an effort to message them. In other words, I mostly waited for life to happen to me, instead of me happening to life.

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

And so with that lesson in mind, this year, I made a decision that if I want something to happen in my life, then I would make it happen.

This month, I focused mostly on my friends. I haven’t had any exchange of messages between my closest friends since a year ago and I miss them so much so I messaged them one by one to ask them to hangout.

The next few weeks were all sorts of magical. My friends replied to me that they have been wanting to message me but we just both kind of waited and somehow, it leads me to think of what could have happened if I just waited again? Will the past weeks that had gone be as magical as well?

I never laughed so hard in such a long time. And after talking with a lot of new people during the last few months, finally I got to experience again this feeling that I can literally say what I wanted because these people know me and I know them too. I am reminded once again that I am loved, and that there are people who care for me.

For the next month, I’m not sure what I’ll focus on. But this month taught me this lesson: My life becomes so much better and more exciting, when I lived for the day. When I don’t wait for a special occasion to do something, but instead, doing it today. When I want it, I’m gonna do it instead of waiting for something. I’ll never assume what the outcome will be but instead, I’ll live through it.

Ryan Holiday: The poet Heraclitus said, “One day is equal to every day.” Today could be that amazing day for you. Today could be how you want life to be. You just have to choose for it to be. Or rather, stop choosing for it not to be.

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