Sunday Wisdoms #5

Hello, this is Sunday Wisdoms! Every week for 52 weeks, I’ll share 5 ideas/quotes/passages from my commonplace book that resonated with me during the past week. Occasionally, there will be ideas from me too. Take what you can get. Your mileage may vary.

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This is Week 5 out of 52.

Musician, artist, and songwriter Morgan Harper Nichols:

“You have not seen everything you were meant to see. You have not met everyone you were meant to meet. You have not done all the things you were meant to do. You have not traveled to all the places you were meant to travel to. You have seen a lot of the ocean, but there are still further depths. Take heart, breathe deep. You are far from finished yet.”

Content creator Dinara wrote:

“I think we have a lot of fear about the unknown which makes sense. but the unknown doesn’t have to be scary. I realized I can ask questions like: I wonder what will bring me happiness in the future? what pleasant surprises will I encounter? what beautiful places will life take me? instead of “what if I fail, what if I never find xyz, etc”. It’s been life-changing. I’m in an anticipation of something positive. I’m not in fear.”

Author James Clear:

“We often avoid taking action because we think “I need to learn more,” but the best way to learn is often by taking action.”

Author Marissa Orr

“After a particularly bad breakup many years ago, I read a line in a book that said something like: our sadness isn’t always about losing the person or relationship, but from losing the dream we had for our lives. That one hit me right in the gut. Day to day, this person and our relationship were making me miserable. Being free of that turmoil should have been an objective improvement in my life. So why was I so sad?

This line made me realize I was mourning the loss of a dream or the story I had for my life. While I couldn’t control the other person or how they acted towards me, I could always write a new story for my life. And that shift in perspective gave me a sense of control in a situation where I otherwise felt powerless. It didn’t cause an immediate or dramatic change in my day to day activity, but over the long term, it empowered me to gain control over the direction of my life.”

Esther Perel:

“Life will present you with unexpected opportunities, and you won’t always know in advance which are the important moments. Above all, its the quality of your relationships that will determine the quality of your life. Invest in your connections, even those that seem inconsequential.”

Till next week.

Always grateful,


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